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Tohoku Area
Wakinosawa Youth Hostel

41 Wakinosawasenokawame, Mutsu, Aomori, 039-5332

    We opened in 1965 where beautiful scenery of both ocean and mountain at the same time. You can meet with Japanese serow or northernmost monkeys in the Tohoku Shizen Hodo. Why not to take time and walk in the blue forest. Sightseeing ship to Futsugaura is available in summer to enjoy swimming.

    Kawayo Green Youth Hostel

    3331 Mukaiyama, Oirase-machi, Aomori, 039-2151

    Located in the vast farm where you can see the Hakkouda Mountains. You can enjoy homegrown vegetable or milk in the dinner. Or many activities such as horse riding, shearing (May-June), or milking in the farm. Or seafood in Hachinohe, Shuji Terayama Museum, or Lake Towada is enjoyable from our YH.

    Hirosaki Youth Hostel

    11 Mori-machi, Hirosaki, Aomori, 036-8205

      Hirosaki is a castle town. When it is a season of apple flower, you will see shite flower cover all over to the Mount Iwaki and smell sweet. Many activities such as cherry blossom, Neputa festival, autumn leaves, and skiing. We are closed in winter (Dec. 12th to March 1st).

      Tono Youth Hostel

      13-39-5 Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi-cho, Tono, Iwate, 028-0555

        Tono is a home of folktales. We locate in such small country side and friendly hostel. Tono has many folktales are hide in a usual rural scenery and place to feel. Visit us to make your own tale with us.

        Appi kogen Kamui no mori Youth Hostel

        661-5 Appikogen, Hachimantai, Iwate, 028-7306

        We are locating at the best place for skiers for 10 minutes to Appi Kougen Ski Resort. Music concerts and Trial Biking in summer is also enjoyable. Untouched nature is still there in the deciduous tree area at latitude 40 degree deciduous tree area. You can also join night hiking tour to relax in a deep nature. [ In and around YH: Appi Kougen Ski Resort, tennis courts, golf course, hot springs, forest path, and field athletics].

        Iwate ken Seishonen kaikan Youth Hostel

        3-38-20 Mitake, Morioka, Iwate, 020-0122

          Mount Iwate from the view of YH always heals us. You can use us as a base for many sightseeing spots by car, bike, or bicycle. Major spots are, Morioka Castle Park, Koiwai Farm, Mount Hachimantai, Museum for Takuboku Ishikawa, Kenji Miyazawa, the prefectural museum, art museum, or science museums. And 1 hour drive to good condition ski area. Parking for 40 cars.

          Sendai Chitose Youth Hostel

          6-3-8 Odawara, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-0003

            We are locating in the central of Sendai city and good access from Sendai station and convenient for its closeness to shopping street. We are also accessible to Matsushima, Yamadera, or Zao for active travelers. No curfew is offered so that you can enjoy nightlife in Sendai.

            Maple Sendai Youth Hostel

            1-9-35 Kashiwagi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 981-0933

              Riasu Karakuwa Youth Hostel

              2-8 Nakai, Karakuwa-cho Kesennuma, Miyagi, 988-0563

                We are cozy hostel at the Kesennuma Bay, Karakuwa Penisula where you can enjoy fresh seafood. Sunrise from Karakuwa Peninsula is an astonishing event. Huge marble stone, Tsunami Center, or beautiful view from sightseeing cruise is also accessible from our YH.

                Dochuan Youth Hostel

                2-3-7 Onoda, Taihaku-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 982-0014

                  We welcome guests with hospitality and you will enjoy staying with us. We locate 8 mins away from the closest station and 15 mins from Sendai station. We are accessible to Matsushima, hot springs, or Zao by train or car. Chiteinomori Museum is 5 mints away for whom interested in archaeology. We are selected by Michelin from 250 hotels in Sendai.

                  Espole Miyagi Youth Hostel

                  4-5-1 Saiwai-cho, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 983-0836

                    We locate in quiet and clean area and offer many activities through the yea. Our new restaurant has local and fresh food and local liquor. We have many sized conference room and parking space for 80 cars. Matsushima and Oosaki Hachiman Shrine are both accessible within 30 mins(we have a minibus for pickup seevice).

                    Youth Pal Akita Youth Hostel

                    3-1 Kamiyashiki Terauchi, Akita, Akita, 011-0902

                      20 minutes away from central Akita city and you will find many shrines and temples around this hostel. Many of them are accessible by car or by walking. We also have tennis and basketball court for free. We are waiting for your visit

                      Ohmagari Youth Hostel

                      46-1 Komoto-Fujiki, Fujiki, Daisen, Akita, 014-1412

                        Good location in the countryside, in the center of Yokote basin, within an hour by car of Kakunodate and Yokote. Various events all through the four seasons: Weeping cherry in Kakunodate in spring, Omagari Fireworks in summer, Kamakura festivals in winter. Many public hot springs within a 30 minute drive. You can arrange your own onsen tour.

                        Tsuruoka Youth Hostel

                        1-1 Miyanomae, Sanze, Tsuruoka, Yamagata, 999-7463

                          Surrounded by beautiful beechwood forests, our YH stands on a hill overlooking the sea. We organize nature experience/environmental education programs where you can participate in activities such as walking in the forest, canoeing, Ryuto Yuei (swimming in the ocean with glowing Sea Sparkle at night). You can also take a tour to a castle town Tsuruoka or Dewa Sanzan.

                          Higashine Barefoot Youth Hostel

                          1-3-39 Jinmachi-minami, Higashine, Yamagata, 999-3765

                            Located in the center of Yamagata basin, an hour dirve from our YH takes you to Mount Gassan, Mount Asahi, or Mount Zao. Various kinds of hot springs at reasonable prices around the YH. Higashine City, acclaimed as "the kingdom of fruit", has a bountiful variety of fruits all through the seasons. A hidden spot for noodle lovers is another reccomedation from us hostel workers. The local school has the Japan's biggest zelkova tree in the schoolyard, which is also worth visiting. Easy access to a famous mountain temple Yamadera. We are a small hostel surrounded by lovely orchards. Come visit us.

                            Logcabin stellaport Youth Hostel

                            2-9 Yubanazawa, Machiniwasaka, Fukushima, Fukushima, 960-2261

                              You can enjoy our YH throughout the year such as fruit hunting, skiing and hiking. You can use sports facilities nearby to have a training camps. Ski school is available for all levels. We also have observatory for guests to see the beautiful night sky.

                              Urabandai Youth Hostel

                              Goshikinumahan, Urabandai, Kita-Shioharamura, Fukushima, 969-2701

                                We are locating in front of Goshiki numa and accessible for hiking, swamps, and lakes to explore and experience the great nature.

                                Misato Youth Hostel

                                45-7 Hirohata, Ryozenmachi Shimooguni, Date, Fukushima, 960-0808

                                  We are small YH for 15 people with all tatami rooms locating by the beautiful river. Scenery of mountain in spring and autumn is very recommendable.

                                  Aizu no Sato Youth Hostel

                                  36 Hataketa, Kofune, Aizu Shiokawa-machi Kitakata, Fukushima, 969-3532

                                  There are 4000 of sake brewery and a few offers tasting tours. And 100 of Kitakata Ramen shops many shops open from 7:30am where you can eat morning ramen. Aizuwakamatsu city has many sightseeing spots such as samurai residence or Tsuruga Castle. Bandai mountain offers us hiking or skiing in each season.

                                  YGH Atoma

                                  15-2 Funaishi, Sakuramoto, Fukushima, Fukushima, 960-2151

                                  We are small and reasonable YH with many kinds of air-conditioned rooms including wheelchair accessibility. We offer many activities especially ski tour is recommendable for child to experts. Free astronomical observation is also available in our observatory. We also offer discount for fruit hunting.

                                  Aizuno Youth Hostel

                                  88 Kakiyashiki, Terasaki, Aizumisato-machi, Fukushima, 969-6271

                                    We are locating in the rice field with the view of Mount Iide. Owner knows a lot about mountains of Aizu. We offer trekking tour or cross country skiing tours.

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