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Hida Takayama Tenshoji Youth Hostel

83 Tenshoji-cho, Takayama, Gifu, 506-0832

The city called little Kyoto has a long history and culture. Miyagawa-river flows at the center of the city and divids the city into east and west. Kawahigashi is a castle town and old houses area built in a row. There is town composed with temples on a hill and YH is located in the center of this town. It takes 10 minutes to a morning bazaar of the Miyagawa Riverside on foot and there are some attaraction which you should visit visit around there. In April and October, we have Takayama festival with many street stalls. If you go further away, you can do one-day trip to Shirakawago, which is famous as a World Heritage, Okuhida Spa area, Norikura hill and Kamikochi(a scenic spot). All rooms in this YH are japanese style and we have some rooms for family. We also have meeting room.

Hida Furukawa Youth Hostel

180 Nobuka, Furukawa-machi, Hida, Gifu, 509-4272

    We opened our Youth Hostel for more people to know Hida-Furukawa River which is a castle town with carp and beauty of nature in Hida. In winter, temperature is about minus 10 degree, but inside of our YH has underfloor heating for you to walk on bare foot. You can take the popular lesson of telemark ski. We have tools for rental, so please contact us and come to our website if you are interested. You can enjoy tender green in spring, touring in summer and leaves in beautiful autumn colors in autumn. This YH is cheerful all the year. You can get discount. It takes 30 minutes to a house of rail mountain bike and 50 minutes to Okuhida spa.

    Kisoji Furusato Youth Hostel

    1921 Ochiai, Nakatsugawa, Gifu, 508-0006

    This Youth Hostel is located in the middle of Kiso street and Mino street and it takes 10 minutes to a pavement with stone of Nakasen- do Ochiai on foot. It is around 3 km to Magome, so it is good for those who like history and walking Nakasen Street. If you go further away, you can see Fujimidai, Tsukechi valley and a pasture and enjoy there even if you are solo. This YH is on the southern slope which command the Ena mountain, and the evening sun and night view is beautiful. This house is made of wood and it makes nostalgia. Please relax and enjoy the beatiful scenery and meal.

    Akakabu Youth Hostel

    2141,hagiwara-cho joro,gero-city, Gifu, 509-2518

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