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Tazawako Youth Hostel

33-8 Kami-ishigami, Tazawako obonai, Senboku, Akita, 014-1201

    Lake Tazawa is the best place for morning cycling to enjoy beauty of seasons. And many destinations are around us such as hot springs, Dakikaeri Valley, a Samurai residence, or skiing. 100% pure and handpicked wild vegetable are our famous

    Youth Pal Akita Youth Hostel

    3-1 Kamiyashiki Terauchi, Akita, Akita, 011-0902

      20 minutes away from central Akita city and you will find many shrines and temples around this hostel. Many of them are accessible by car or by walking. We also have tennis and basketball court for free. We are waiting for your visit

      Ohmagari Youth Hostel

      46-1 Komoto-Fujiki, Fujiki, Daisen, Akita, 014-1412

        Good location in the countryside, in the center of Yokote basin, within an hour by car of Kakunodate and Yokote. Various events all through the four seasons: Weeping cherry in Kakunodate in spring, Omagari Fireworks in summer, Kamakura festivals in winter. Many public hot springs within a 30 minute drive. You can arrange your own onsen tour.

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