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Gotenba Youth Hostel

3857 Higashiyama, Gotenba, Shizuoka, 412-0023

    This Youth Hostel is located in the middle od the Mount Fuji and hakone and it is very close to Gotennba Interchange on the Tome Expressway. There are two routs for climbing the Mount Fuji (bus only in July and August). One is Subashiri rout from Gotennba Station and the other one is Gotennba routs. You can enjoy hiking in the Hakkone side through Otome Mountain Pass, Kintoki Mountain and Ashino Lake. There are the Higashiyama Lake, Heiwa Park and municipally spa around YH and it is very good for taking a walk. When you come here for the first time, please contact us on the phone. We also have an open space with grass, so please use it for campfire.

    Amagi Onsen Zen no yu Youth Hostel

    28-1 Nashimoto, Kawazu-machi, Shizuoka, 413-0501

      This Youth Hostel was renewed as "YH with Hot Spring Amagi Spa" with the concept "Zen". This YH has outdoor spa made of Japanese cypress and stone and a hall for zen at special prices. We really recommend the spa where you can enjoy the view of nature. Also, you can eat vegetarian dishes and Detoxification effects can be expected. You can experience 2 type of Zen at once. One is easy course of zen lying down and the other one is fulfilling course in early morning. We also have equipments for BBQ and campfire and green garden.

      Omaezaki Youth Hostel

      43-7 Omaezaki, Omaezaki-shi, Shizuoka, 437-1621

      Omaezaki is a cape projecting out to sea. In summer, you can enjoy some activities, for example, beach with water of 'AAA' credit rating in Japan, surfing and watching turtle laying eggs. From autumn to spring, we cann see sunset into the ocean and the red sky colored by sunrise. When you go up to the top of the lighthouse, you will see that the earth is round and in spring and autumn, there are migratory birds resting their wings.

      Aoikaze Garden Youth Hostel

      1250-34 Yahatano, Ito, Shizuoka, 413-0232

        Going to Shimoda direction from Ito by JR for 25 minutes, you will see a range of mountains of Amaza and an angle of its slope is getting smaller from the Omuro mountain and connecting to the blue ocean. Here is the Izu highland area. There are beauty of nature, many art museums and spa that you can enjoy. This Youth Hostel is located in the center of the Izu highland area and people enjoy the garden of herb, stained glass and dinner. All rooms are single beds and one of the rooms that has bathroom. This YH is for your solo trip or groups.

        Kawane Nanamagari juku Youth Hostel

        1053-1 Ishiburo Tsuzura Kawane-cho, Shizuoka, 428-0105

          This Youth Hostel is located in the national natural park facing reaches of the Oi river which is one of a grade-one rivers whose origin is the Japanese South Alps. It is cold here because of the fog over the river and here is a production area of Kawane tea. You can feel a warm nostalgia because there is the Oi-gawa railway of SL, an old settlement and mountains where its whistle echoes. You can enjoy fishing and playing in the river nearby and relax at a veranda of this YH and beside the fireplace because this YH is repaired from old farm houses. You can visit Municipal Kawane spa and Shiogo suspension bridge at the station next to the closest stationfrom YH.

          Cabin House Yado Fujinomiya Youth Hostel

          11-18,Oomiya-chou,Fuzinomiya city Shizuoka pref, Shizuoka, 418-0066

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