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Kitashinshu Kanzan Youth Hostel

6398 Toyoda, Iiyama, Nagano, 389-2411

    You can enjoy variety of activities in every seasons such as farming and skiing. We are hotel type hostel.

    Togakushi Kogen Yokokura Youth Hostel

    3347 Chusha, Togakushimura, Nagano, Nagano, 381-4101

      We are grass roofed traditional hostel with warehouse caf? where you can enjoy coffee and music. Visit our hostel where is the home of Ninjas and great nature.

      Zenkoji Kyojuin Youth Hostel

      479 Motoyoshi-machi, Nagano, Nagano, 380-0851

        We are locating in from of Zenko-Ji which is the symbol of Nagano. Hostel building was built in 100 years ago and convenient for sightseeing of Nagano.

        Tateshina Shirakaba Kogen Youth Hostel

        1020 Ashida hakkano Tateshina machi, Nagano, 384-2309

          Our YH is locating in the forest of Shirakaba-Kogen of the Mount Tateshina. We have many activities and there are many sports facilities around us. We also offer many tours. We are the first universal youth hostel in Japan and suitable for all kinds of travelers. You can spend cool summer or winter season with good snow. You will see deer, squirrels, or fox throughout the year. You can visit us by cheap highway bus from Tokyo.

          Suwako Youpen House Youth Hostel

          8932-2 Takagi, Shimosuwa-machi, Nagano, 393-0033

            We are B&B style hostel in the quiet area of Lake Suwa. There is pure hot springs and many place to eat and convenience store of 24 hours. You can enjoy sunset with dinner.

            Hakuba Sanroku Lakeside Youth Hostel

            10594 Taira, Omachi, Nagano, 398-0001

              There are many activities and sightseeing spots around us. Kurobe Dam, Entrance of Alpen route, North Alps, water sports in the lake, snow sports, or fishing all year. We have hot spring in our facility.

              Norikura Kogen Onsen Youth Hostel

              4275 Azumi-suzuran Matsumoto, Nagano, 390-1513

                We are locating in the Norikura Onsen of Mount Norikura in the south of Chubu-Sangaku national Park. There are many destinations within 1 hour and suitable for many mountains.

                Komagane Youth Hostel

                25-1 Akaho, Komagane, Nagano, 399-4117

                We are surrounded by the great nature of Komagatake and you can go to its summit by aerial tram. There are many local restaurants around YH.

                Azumino Pastoral Youth Hostel

                8508-1 Hotaka-ariake Azumino, Nagano, 399-8301

                  we are locating at the top of hill where you can see the north Alps and Azumino. There are small stream where wwasabi gorws and fashionable museums around. Azumino is where you can relax with the seasonal scenery.

                  Komoro Youth Hostel

                  3876-4 Shionominamigahara, Komoro, Nagano, 384-0806

                    We are locating at the foot of Mount Asama and surrounded by forest and field. We are offering many kinds of tour every week or weekdays on your request.

                    Ueda Mahoroba Youth Hostel

                    40-1 Bessho-onsen, Ueda, Nagano, 386-1431

                      Our YH is surrounded by quiet forest. You can walk to public hot springs area within 10 minutes. 3 baths for 150 yen and 1 bath for 500 yen. War victim art students museum, “Mugonkan” is also nearby.

                      Shimojo Land Youth Hostel

                      7852-98 Mutsuzawa, Shimojo-mura, Nagano, 399-2101

                        Our YH is at 820m sea level and you can see 8 Alps Mountains that all of them are higher than 3000m. If you prefer pickup service, please let us know before your arrival (Tenryukyou Station or Karakasa Station).

                        Tateshina Kleine Youth Hostel

                        5890 Kitayama, Chino, Nagano, 391-0301

                          At the foot of Yatsugatake, our YH is the best place to enjoy climbing or trekking. There are many hot springs and walking courses around.

                          Hakuba no sato Schoendorf Youth Hostel

                          Tugaikekogen, Otari-mura, Nagano, 399-9422

                            You can enjoy many activities throughout years such as trekking, paragliding, shower climbing, ski, snowboarding, or snow shoe hiking in our YH.

                            Kosha Sanroku Miyuki no mori Youth Hostel

                            3783-12 Kami-Kijima, Kijimadaira-mura, Nagano, 389-2303

                            Looking down the North Shinsyu area, there is a great scenery of traditional Japan. We are suitable as a base for many kinds of activities such as Shinsyu trail, touring, or snow sports. We have a classic caf? where you can relax and enjoy our special selected coffee. Stay with us and relax in the infinite field.

                            Obuse no Kaze Youth Hostel

                            475-2 Obuse, Obuse-machi, Nagano, 381-0201

                              1 minute walk from central town and suitable for sightseeing. Hot springs or skiing is also suitable for guests with a car.

                              Nyukasayama Shitsugen Youth Hostel

                              7870-2 Fujimi Fujimi-cho, Nagano, 399-0211

                                0.8 million of lily are brooming nearby hostel in early summer. There is also mountain, which you can see beautiful landscape on top of mountain. You also can enjoy skiing in winter.

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