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Shikoku Area
Tokusima Youth Hostel

7-1 Hama, Ohara-machi, Tokushima, Tokushima, 770-8012

    This Youth Hostel is located in the south of Tokushima city and is near a beach and quiet. From 12th to 15th of August, you can go see the Awa Odori Festival. Also, you can go see whirling in the Naruto and have a experience of making papers dyed with indigo of Tokushima. There are a tennis court and athletics around here and you can enjoy kayaking and fishing in the sea. In the Awa Dancing Hall, you can have an experience of Awa dancing all year round. In whirling road, you can walk over a glass while seeing the whirling 45m below. This YH has rooms for families.

    Awa Ikeda Youth Hostel

    3798 Nishiyamasako, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi, Tokushima, 778-0040

      This Youth Hostel is near the Prefectural Park and you can hear the music of the warblers and cuckooes here. Also, you can get a full view of Ikeda town and the Yoshino river from this YH. You can take a bus from Awa Ikeda Station for a tour of mysterious lands, for example, rafting boats on the Oboke river, a Heike mansion , Kazura Birdge and the Iya valley. From 14th to 16th of August, you can go see the Awa Odori Festival. You can easily go to the Tsurugi Mountain and the Oboke riber for rafting. It take 30 minutes to Hashikura temple and Unpen temple from YH. This YH is a very nice place for trainings.

      Shodoshima Olive Youth Hostel

      1072 Nishimura, Shodoshima-cho, Kagawa, 761-4434

      You can enjoy the stay in the Shodo Island at a reasonable price here, this Youth Hostel. We have dormitory style rooms and japanese style rooms for families. We would like you to stay here to enjoy some sports, music and training.

      Youth Hostel Shin Hasedera

      3214 Sangawa-cho, Shikoku-chuo, Ehime, 799-0431

        Our hostel is located on the hill. So you can look down the Setonai sea. There is a Letter written by Masamune Date who is famous warrior in the tresure house inside of Shin Hasedera, so this hostel is really nice for guests who is interested in Japanese history. In adittion, you can enjoy Tea celemony, Zazen, and seeing seasonal flowers in our Hostel.

        Mori no yado Uwajima Youth Hostel

        Atagokoen, 166-11, Daichoji-oku-hei, Uwajima, Ehime, 798-0045

          2km from JR Uwajima station. Our hostel is surrounded by nature, and next to Atago park which locate 88meter's height. You can enjoy seeing castle town of Uwazima, eating various local dishes. In adittion, you can visit Shimanto river which is good for river sports, just 1hour from our hostel. Our woman manager can speak English, welcomes traveller from the world.

          Matsuyama (Shinsenen) Youth Hostel

          22-3 Dogohimezuka-otsu, Matsuyama, Ehime, 790-0858

          We have a wide variety of amusement for guest to enjoy here. We are eco-friendly and you can relax because water and ari are very clean here. You can easily visit the famous Dogo spa on foot in 6 minutes. Also, a memorial hall is 5 minutes-walk from this YH. This YH is a very convenient place for tour in Matsuyama and Shikoku and it is a good place to transmit from Kyusyu and Honshu. We have a lesson of developing potential and it is popular.

          Hojo Suigun Youth Hostel

          1527 Hojotsuji, Matsuyama, Ehime, 799-2430

            It is located 25 minutes from Matsuyama Staiton by train and 35 minutes from Shimanami sea route by car. A national park, Kajima and you can enjoy marine sports, fishing by the beach and camping there. Also, you can easily visit a spa which has a beautifl scenery of sun set over Setouchi ocean. We have Hokujo Spring festival during Golden Week, Seafood BBQ in summer and Hokujo Autumn festibval. You can have a breakfast and dinner anytime and stay this YH with your pet.

            Kochi Youth Hostel

            4-5 Fukui-higashi-machi, Kochi, Kochi, 780-0967

            Kochi Youth Hostel is located 2 km sourth of Kochi Staion and you can easily visit Kochi castle, Sunday market and a busy street. In adittion, Katsurahama, Makino botanical park, and Ryugado are close to our hostel. In the summer, Yosakoi festival is held in Kochi city, and it amuse tourists. Since parents of the hostel used to work in sake cellar, so stracture of hostel is wood, and you can know about Japanese sake industry well.

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