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Kanto Area
Nikko Suginamiki Youth Hostel

2112-7 Kiwadashima, Nikko, Tochigi, 321-2345

We locate in the quiet forest and you can choose tatami or twin room. Pickup service to hot springs and train station is available. Enjoy your staying with our comfortable library, log cabin, or Yuba dinner in fully air-conditioned room. Owner kindly welcomes you and you may ask him a travel advice.

Kusatsu Kogen Youth Hostel

464-1, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Gunma, 377-1711

We are locating 1100m altitudes tableland and the best area for summer and skiing. There are many hot springs including 18 free public hot springs. We have Paragliding School from late April to November. And ski schools are available in winter.

Kitakaruizawa Blueberry YGH

1506-12 Kamahara, Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma, 377-1524

    We are locating in the forest of Kitakaruizawa with fire place in the lobby. Every rooms have toilet and bath. Beautiful view of Mount Asama and vast field of cabbage looks like Hokkaido. There are many sightseeing spot sucj as hot spring, volcano museum, or the toys kingdom. We offer skiing, hiking, or volcano experience almost every week.

    Tanigawadake Raspberry Youth Hostel

    75-5 Tanigawa, Minakami-machi, Gunma, 379-1619

      Why don't you relax in nature? This YH is small and calm. Overlooking Tanigawa-dake, and hearing the murmur of a streem. There are several hot springs near us. Please enjoy nature and hot spring. You can visit Oze from spring to automn. Our YH is really at-home and we are happy to give you hospitality. We welcome backpackers. We are planning a lot of events. You can enjoy the mountains in the summer, ski and hot springs in the winter. We look forward to meeting you.

      Kujukurihama Shirako Youth Hostel

      2722 Sorigane, Shirako-machi, Chiba, 299-4203

        You can walk to Kujukuri Beach from our hostel and able to see beautiful sunrise of Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy many activities such as Tulip festival, beach, rafting festival, fishing, surfing, or hot springs. Home baked bread, spicy curry, fresh seafood is served for dinner. We are giving home baked bread as a gift for guest who stay more than 5 nights.

        Mitake Youth Hostel

        57 Mitakesan, Ome, Tokyo, 198-0175

          We are locating in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park and surrounded by the great nature or Mount Ontake. The scenery of Kanto area from Ontake Shrine is beautiful especially at night or the sunrise. It takes 3 hours from Tokyo and not recommended to Tokyo sightseeing. Cable car operated 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. Not allowed to check in after the last cable car service.

          Ogasawara Youth Hostel

          Nishimachi, Chichijima, Ogasawara-mura, Tokyo, 100-2101

            1000km away from Tokyo, and there are only 5 ships in a month which takes 25hours. The great nature still exists because only a few people visit. Many activities available such as scuba, swim with dolphin, whale watching, skin dive, cruising, trekking or observatories. You have a lot to do to miss a ship. Homemade noddle or special meal(sushi) at the day before you leave.

            Hinohara Youth Hostel

            , , 190-0211

              Tokyo Central Youth Hostel

              1-1 Kaguragashi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0823

              Open on April 2014. In the central Tokyo, almost everywhere is accessible such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, Ueno, or Akihabara within 15?20 minutes. Our YH is locating at Iidabashi Station which has 5 routes and 1 minute from each exits. We have a good view of Mount Fuji, alps, or night of Tokyo from lobby or your room.

              Tokyo Ueno Youth Hostel

              Tokyo Niigata Kenjin Kaikan 1-13-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005

              It will be closed from November 2018 to rebuild the building. Opening is planned for autumn 2020.

              Hakone Sengokuhara Youth Hostel

              912 Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Kanagawa, 250-0631

                Located in the center of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, great place to stay for traveling and recreation. Hakone and Mt. Fuji's world-renowned landscapes will leave everyone in awe. Our onsen with milky white water will help to relieve travel fatigue as well as leaving a positive effect on your health and beauty. You can also enjoy visiting Hakone Shrine, Sekisyo, Cedar Avenue, museums, and Hakone volcano. Cable car, sightseeing cruise, mountain railway and the list goes on and on. Hakone offers a variety of things to try. It requires at least more than a few days to get a satisfactory experience!

                Fuji Yoshida Youth Hostel

                2-339 Shimoyoshidahoncho, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, 403-0004

                You would see Mt Fuji from the main street with lots of telephone poles and telephone lines. It can be attractive. You can climb to the top of Mt Fuji from our YH. Some say it is a bit difficult to find our hostel. YH in the labyrinth. We and our dog called Bel welcome you at old-fashioned YH. Please relax in calm amibience.

                Isawa Onsen Youth Hostel

                106-2 Yamasaki, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki, Yamanashi, 406-0022

                  Isawa is center of the Kofu basin and surrounded by beautiful nature such as Mt. Fuji and other mountains. Isiwa is famous in connection with Samurai Shingen Takeda. You can enjoy hot springs here. We recommend you would go around Shousenkyo which has a famous waterfall and climb the mountains from YH. Please fully enjoy the nearest countryside from Tokyo.

                  Kiyosato Youth Hostel

                  3545 Kiyosato, Takane-cho Hokuto, Yamanashi, 407-0301

                    Our YH is along the national road, near from Kiyosato station, so it is accecible place to visit. You can also visit sightseeing spot such as museums and Koumi line which is the highest railroad in japan easilly. Kiyosato is famous for summer resort and you can enjoy ski and snowboard in winter. You can also enjoy hiking in Utsukushi no Mori and Iimori mountain.

                    Yatsugatake Pony Youth Hostel

                    3332-1911 Kamisasao, Kobuchisawa-cho, Hokuto, Yamanashi, 408-0041

                    We locate in Yatsugatake Heights. It is pleasantly cool here and you can get a full view of Yatsugatake, The south alps and Mt Fuji. You can also get in touch with horses, sheeps and ponies and enjoy horse riding. There is a museum about picture books and workshop where you can make dry flowers near us. There is a hot spring as well. It is good place to drive, walk around and enjoy seasonal flowers. Yhis YH is suitable for backpackers, family. You can also stay here for charter or training intuite.

                    Katsunuma Budokyo Youth Hostel

                    861-2 Hishiyama, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu, Yamanashi, 409-1302

                      We are located in Katsunuma BudN92:T92okyou Station. Just get off at the station and you will see everywhere interminable farms of grapes. Katsunuma is the first producer of grapes in Japan, with more than 30 wineries and more than 160 types of wine around town, Also, there is a hot sping that is called "tenku no yu"where you can look at the landscape from a large window that is in the living room. From Katsunuma Youth Hostel you can enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunshine, at night the sky of Kofu plenty of starts, or on winter you can see the snow on the alps,

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