All Youth Hostels in KYUSHU/OKINAWA area

Kyushu/Okinawa Area
Fukuoka Youth Hostel

6-7-23 Hakata-eki-minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, 812-0016

This Youth Hostel is located in the center of the Fukuoka City. It is close to Hakata Station and Takeshita Station and it takes 5 minutes from this YH to Fukuoka International Airport. There are convenience stores, supermarkets, family restaurants, ramen shops and game centers nearby.

Takeo Onsen Youth Hostel

16060-1 Nagashima, Takeo-cho, Takeo, Saga, 843-0021

    Takeo hot springs plays a central role in Northern Kyushu tourism. It will take about 20 minutes to go to Arita which is famous for Japanese traditional ceramic wares, 1 hour to Huis Ten Bosch. Our hostel have a hot spring which is called "Hot spring of beauty".

    Goto Miraku Sun Set Youth Hostel

    493 Hamanokuri, Miiraku-cho, Goto, Nagasaki, 853-0601

      This Youth Hostel is instructive facility and it's next to the Mitsuiraku City Park Which has a gymnasium, play ground, tennis courts and heated pool in Goto Islands of Fukue Islands. At Fukue Island, you can enjoy the Takahama beach which has cobalt green sea, Oosezaki lighthouse, old misterious church, fishing, stained glass, and ceramics. Best place to visit for solo trip, group trip or camp. We have ture experience campaign!

      Nagasaki Catholic Center Youth Hostel

      10-34 Ueno, Nagasaki, Nagasaki, 852-8113

      There is Uragamitensyudou; the Catholic Church outside of the window and you can hear the bell of Angelus when you wake up. Our brand new YH was open in Uragami, Nagasaki. There is Heiwa-park near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb around our hostel. Our staffs are knowledgeable for history and geography. We are planning some new events for you. 60 years have passed since the bombing in Nagasaki. We held the walking event named Saruku-haku. Welcome to Nagasaki!!

      Aso Kujyu Kogen Youth Hostel

      6332 Senomoto, Minamioguni-machi, Kumamoto, 869-2400

        We have a Kurokawa-Onsen which is most popular hot spring in Kyusyu, and you can climb Mt. Kujuu watching Miyamakirishima(Rhododendron kiusianum) or autumn foliage. Since our plateau is located at 930 meters above the sea, it is cool even in summer and great location for summer resort or summer camp. You can see the beautiful sunset and skyful stars, and you can experience a paraglider, making soba, or riding horse. You can enjoy skiing at Kujyu ski area in winter which is 10 minutes away from our hostel by car.

        Youth Hostel Murataya Ryokan

        1672 Takamori, Takamori-machi, Kumamoto, 869-1602

          Takamori is a town of South part of Aso. There is public hot spring because many famous spring water and infiltrated water neaby. Why don't you feel a soft breeze whlie taking a trolley car? This Youth Hostel is a good plave to lodge together. You can choose this place as a base of touring on a cycle since we has a bicycle parking area with a roof.

          Youth Pia Kumamoto Youth Hostel

          3-17-15 Suizenji, Kumamoto, Kumamoto, 862-0950

          There is the Suizenji Park of Momoyama Kaiyu-shiki-Garden imitating the 53 Stations of the T?kaid? as tourist spots in Kumamoto City. It is ten minutes to get to the Kumamoto Castle by bus. The castle is one of the three main castle in Japan and its stone wall is called "Musha- Gaeshi" which is signature curved stone walls.In Spring, we can enjoy beatiful scenery of cherry blossoms. Also, it is possible to go around to historical places related to Musashi Miyamoto who was known as a great swordman. Kumamoto is located in the center of Kyusyu, so you can easily visit Aso, Amakusa, Oita, Miyazaki and Kagoshima.

          Kunisaki Hanto Kunimi Youth Hostel

          3750 Imi, Kunimi-cho, Kunisaki, Oita, 872-1401

            Kunisaki Peninsula has many temples and stone buddha statues, for example, Fukiji Temple and Kumano Buddhist Sculptures and it is known as a village of buddha. However it might not be impressive journey if you go round by a tour bus. Why don't you visit temples on foot, hold your hands to wayside statues and enjoy talking with the people of the district? It is great to enjoy a view from the rocky hills. Kunihiro is a place where you can reconsider yourself while spending your time in luxury. We would like to help your journey and this Youth Hostel is good place to lodge together.

            Beppu Yukemuri Youth Hostel

            7 Kumi, Miyuki Beppu, Oita, 874-0045

            Beppu is one of the greatest hot spring in terms of yeild of hot spring water and number of hot spring wells in the world. This Youth Hostel is located in "Tetsu wa onsen" ,which is one of the hot spring districts that we call "Beppu Hachiyu". It's available from bus terminals and ports and you can enjoy walking around famous hotsprings , which is called "Jigoku Meguri(the hell tour)"on foot. This YH is surounded by more than 20 hot springs that has many varieties of its quality and you can relax and take a walk around the spa. It is suitable to heal from a long trip.

            Yufuin Country Road Youth Hostel

            441-29 Kawakami, Yufuin-cho, Yufu, Oita, 879-5102

            Yuhuin is near from Yuhudake(Hill) whose peak is 1,584m. Yuhuin is the third largest place which has a great amount of hot water. Also, it has many places to visit, for example, hot springs , art museums and caf?. Yuhuin Country Road Youth Hostel is located in the north of this city and its elevation is higher than any other places around here. You can enjoy the sky ful of lstars in the night. Hot water sourced from the hot spring flows in the footbath facility and its hot spring is available anytime. This hostel has many places that you have fun.

            Takachiho Youth Hostel

            5899-2 Mitai, Takachiho-cho, Miyazaki, 882-1101

              Takachiho is widely known as a home of gods. You can see the mountain "Amanokaguyama" in east, and in the bottom of the mountain, you can also find the Asian highest railroad bridge. You can enjoy nature and modern times blended scenery infront of the hostel. Near this building, there are hotspring center, and hotwater pool too. There are many points to visit around this area.

              Youth Hostel Sun Flower Miyazaki

              1-3-10 Asahi, Miyazaki, Miyazaki, 880-0803

              This Youth Hostel is in the central part of Miyazaki city, and suitable for a relay point of travel. As this place is near the Miyazaki prefectural office and is 5 minutes walk away from urban area, the location is really convenient. Also, if you go to the mountain ridge called "Horikiri touge", you can enjoy seeing beautiful sea and unique shaped coast called "Demon's washing rock". It takes about 1 hour by bus. In addition, you can walk on the world highest suspention bridge in Ayano town, and can watch many kinds of aucient tombs in Saitobaru.

              Sakurajima Youth Hostel

              Sakurajimayokoyama-cho189,Kagoshima-city, kagoshima, 891-1419

                This hostel has a natural hot spring. It is also conveniently located at Kagoshima Central Station. Recommended for base of travel in Kagoshima and southern Kyushu!

                Tamaya Youth Hostel

                5-27-8 Yunohama, Ibusuki, Kagoshima, 891-0406

                In front of this Youth Hostel, there is a natural sand steam bath. For example, it is nice to take the bath after climbing the mountain for relaxing. It is also possible to see the mountain from cape called "Nagasakihana". What is more, there are many attractive sightseeing spots like the biggest lake in Kyushu area called "Ikedako", the southest eastest station in Japan "Onishi" station, Samurai residence, and historic ruins. Also, it is recommended to do sea kayaking in "Kinkou" bay.

                Fukiagehama Youth Hostel

                901 Hioki, Hiyoshi-cho, Hioki, Kagoshima, 899-3101

                  This Youth Hostel is located in the north area of the Fukiage sandhill which is one of the biggest sandhill in Japan. You can enjoy both beautiful sandhill and sky full of stars in the night. It is also interesting to see potteries of Satuma porcelain which is the special products of this prefecture. Also, there is a cycling road near this place.

                  Kirishima Jingumae Youth Hostel

                  2459 Taguchi, Kirishima, Kagoshima, 899-4201

                    The volcano which was first appointed as the national park in 1934 is famous for great landscape like beautiful nature, lakes, hotsprings, and vally. In this place, you can enjoy seasonal characteristics like fresh green in spring, cool and refreshing in summer, red leaves of autumn, and trees covered with ice in winter. Add to these, you can also enjoy sightseeing, leisure and sports activity around there. For instance, there are shrine, park, and farm.

                    Yunosato Youth Hostel

                    2-38-20 Omure, Ibusuki, Kagoshima, 891-0401

                    There are many attractive sightseeing points near this area. For example you can experience natural sand steam bath, climb the mountain, see the biggest lake in Kyushu area, visit the southest cape in Kyushu and so on. This place is suitable for relaxing yourself mentally and physically.

                    Kinkouwan South Road Youth Hostel

                    718-2 Kawaminami, Nejime, Minamiosumi-cho, Kagoshima, 893-2502

                      Located in the most southern part, Okuma peninsula is full of beautiful nature. The western area of the peninsula, which the hostel is situated in, has a seashore where the landscapes of Sakurajima and Kaimon Volcano, as well as magnificent view of sunset are within your sight. The fully diversitied scenery of nature that is given by the four seasons and different rivers and mountains will make your journey truly exiting. Other hotspots this island holds are places like Uchinoura rocket base and Kanoya Air Base. In the proximity there are some springs where you can relax yourself both mentally and physically.

                      Yakushima Youth Hostel

                      278-2 Miyanoura, Yaku-cho, Kagoshima, 891-4205

                      Located in front of Miyanoura Port, the main entrance door of Yaku Island. In the proximity are restaurants, stores and sovenior shops. Several buses are on service to get to main spots like Yakusugi Land and entrance for the mountain. Near from the hostel, you can enjoy seeing the forest that was modeled in the famous animation movie Princess Mononoke, Shirataniun Valley, seashore where many sea turtles come to lay eggs in a specific season, etc. You can also enjoy some activities like diving and fishing. A tourist center is closely located. There is another hostel in the southern part of the island.

                      Amami Youth Hostel

                      2380 Chinase, Naze, Amami, Kagoshima, 894-0047

                        A new hostel is built in Amami Great Island which is surrounded by bule ocean that nearly raches the sky. When it comes to singing and dancing, the mixture of different voices of different people creates great harmony. If one plays three strings, people enjoy joining it with different tones and many instruments. Experience a unique culture of dancing and singing that is slightly different from that in Okinawa.

                        Kakeroma Youth Hostel

                        , kagoshima, 894-2401

                          Okinawa International Youth Hostel

                          51 Onoyama-cho, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0026

                          Location here is great. It will take just 10 minutes to the airport and the bus terminal is also in the proximity. As a base of travellers, we provide many activities like diving, canueing, and personal water craft. The hostel is actually located inside the Onoyama Park, so people can conveniently enjoy many sports activities. Pick-up buses are available for group guests. Recently we often welcome groups of guests who intend to learn about the environment. Activities for environment learning are provided. Our main cluster of guests is group guests.

                          City Front Harumi Youth Hostel

                          2-22-10 Tomari, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0012

                          This hostel is located quite near from the port. Refurbishment has been done recently. Sogen Shrine and a monument to celebrate the visits of 19th-century US chief of East Asian Company Mathew Perry are in its proximity. Just a 10 minute walk will bring you to the Kokusai Street, the most polulous and prosperous area of Okinawa Prefecture. This hostel is conveniently located to have a day trip to the near surrounding islands. The near port is a kind of hub to the other island in Okinawa.

                          Youth Hostel Takana Ryokan

                          499 Taketomi, Taketomi-cho, Okinawa, 907-1101

                            Our guardian Shisa sat on red-tiled rooftops, old buildings and townscape still intact. Taketomi-jima preserves essential Okinawan traditions. You can spend at leisure in this conservation area. A lot of interactions among travelers will enrich your journey, too. Immerse yourself in beautiful Kondoi Beach and take a Water Buffalo Cart ride. There's plenty to see on this small island.

                            Irumoteso Youth Hostel

                            870-95 Uehara, Taketomi-cho, Okinawa, 907-1541

                              FLOWERS January to early February: Cherry blossom season. March: Deigo in bloom. OUTDOOR ACTIVITY April to October: Sorkeling, Canoe, Waterfall watching, Cycling, Stargazing. FIREFLY November to January: Oshima-madobotaru (Pyrocoelia). March to late April: Yaeyamabotaru.

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