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Momoiwasou Youth Hostel

Motochi, Kafuka, Rebun-cho, Hokkaido, 097-1201

    We have 8 hour tour almost everyday which is famous in Rebun Island. You will have a wonderful time walking with many people. In summer, you can explore Todo Island, nigrum jam making workshop in autumn is also enjoyable. Our YH is facing west and you might see beautiful sunset. At night, you can enjoy with other guests singing and dancing.

    Nayoro Sunpillar Youth Hostel

    391-2 Nisshin, Nayoro, Hokkaido, 096-0066

      Free Service: Rental bicycle, helmet deodorizer, car washing, snow shoes, walking ski, waxing room, Wi-Fi, Laptopmotorbike garage with roof and shutter is fully paved. Reasonable information in our website.

      Haboro Yuho Youth Hostel

      260 Sakae-cho, Haboro-cho, Hokkaido, 078-4123

        Haboro city facing Japan sea has two famous islands; Yakishiri Island for Onko virgin forest, and Teuri Island for birds breeding grounds.Our YH is locating in the sports park, and have golf course and parkgolf course.We are the base to the mountain where Ammonoidea sleep. We have long stay student discount.

        Bibaushi Liberty Youth Hostel

        Bibaushi, Biei-cho, Hokkaido, 071-0472

        To take a walk in Biei, BIbaushi station is convenient to get off. Around the station is famous for young people with the view of hill and fashionable galleries and cafes.We locate in front of the Bibaushi station. You can enjoy canoeing in Biei River, Flower Trecking at Furano Mountain, Mountain bike Downhill, and cross country skiing.No-Smoking in the building.

        Biei Potato no Oka Youth Hostel

        Omura-murayama, Biei-cho, Hokkaido, 071-0218

          You can enjoy panoramic view of Tokachi, Asahi, or Daisetsu Mountains from our observation room.After your exploring by ski or mountainbikes, home cooked meal with seasonal vegetables makes you full.Soundproofed room is available for greeting all night long. Guest room with bath and toilet is also available.Owner who loves photography teaches you the best spot to go.

          Irumu no Oka Youth Hostel

          546-2 Otoe, Otoe-cho, Fukagawa, Hokkaido, 074-1273

          Our motto is " Vacation in a log-house". We are locating on the hill with the view of Ishikari River and Kita-Sorachi Plain surrounded by cherry and apple farms.Our meals are made with natural and organic vegetables. Uryunuma Marshland tour or Sunflower tour in summer, cross country skiing or snowmobile are enjoyable.Spend night at hot spring near by or common room with many manga by OsamuTezuka.

          Shiokari Huette Youth Hostel

          503-2 Shiokari, Wakan-cho, Kamikawa, Hokkaido, 098-0125

            We opened in June 1st, 2013. owner built a log cabin by himself in the forest of deers and squirrels.Stairs, beds, and tables are also made by the owner and you can smell the fir tree of Hokkaido.We locate near the JR Soya Line and look trains very closely. Cherry blossoms in spring, deep greens in summer, harvests in autumn and snow silver in winter is great view and sights of Ishikari Huette.

            Mashuko Youth Hostel

            883 Genya, Teshikaga-cho, Hokkaido, 088-3222

            Our YH is locating in the foot of Lake Masyu. The main destinations are Lake Masyu, Lake Kussyaro, or Lake Akan. If you go little way further, Shiretoko and Kushiro Swamp is accessible. You can join our tour if you have spare time. You are able to enjoy canoe, cycling, or trekking in spring summer, or autumn. And skiing or snow shoe tour in winter. Enjoy and get experience nature through your body not only watching all year activities such as dairy?farming.

            Akkeshi Aikappu Youth Hostel

            2-168-4 Wangetsu-machi, Akkeshi-cho, Hokkaido, 088-1114

              Akkeshi is traditional port town started from Kokutai Temple which established in Edo period. We recommend you to have a walk slowly with the view of coast. Oyster is the most famous in Akkeshi town. Gourmet park Conchiglie is crowded since its opening. Our voluminous meal uses fresh food from local areas.

              Ikeda Kita no Kotan Youth Hostel

              99-4 Toshibetsunishi-machi, Ikeda-cho, Hokkaido, 083-0031

              Our YH is small and family owned and like “your own home”. We do not offer any tours or events, however you can relax your busy journey. In the vast Tokachi plain, there are rivers, lakes, or swamps and hot spring are anywhere around. Also many famous gourmet shops in Ikeda, Tokachi. Enjoy all of Tokachi in the night of Kitanokotan YH.

              YHA Kiyosato Ihatov Youth Hostel

              282 Koyo, Kiyosato-cho, Hokkaido, 099-4403

              There is Mount Syari in front vast potato field around, and Okhotsk Sea behind. Our YH is located in such a utopia. Free flight of hot air balloon in winter is especially recommendable. Mount Syari trekking or Kaminoko Lake in summer. Cross country ski or snow mobile tour is offered in winter. Drop off service is available to public hot spring after the tours. Finnish sauna is also available in YH.

              Kussharo Genya YGH

              443-1 Kussharogenya, Teshikaga-cho, Hokkaido, 088-3341

              Our YGH is locating beside the Lake Kussyaro. Both group and single travelers enjoy our YGH as a base to travel and outdoors. We are waiting for your visit with modern building, former chef’s meal, pure hot spring, or many activities. We are also accessible to Lake Masyu, Shiretoko, Kushiro Swamp, or Lake Akan within 1 day. Stay, and enjoy many nights with us.

              Higashidaisetsu Nukabira Youth Hostel

              Nukabiraonsen, Kamishihoro-cho, Hokkaido, 080-1403

              Nukabira Gensen Kyo is a hot spring town in the Daisetsuzan National Park. You can enjoy canoe or fishing at the Nukabira Lake and also the climbing base to Mount Ninbetsu or Ishikari Dake. We are offering many kinds of tours so that you can enjoy the nature. Our central Hokkaido location is the best for stopovers.

              Toipirka Kitaobihiro Youth Hostel

              Higashi 52-8 Kita 4-sen. Shimo-shihoro, Otofuke-cho, Hokkaido, 080-0272

              15 mins from gourmet town Tokachi, and Ikeda Wine Castle or Tokachi hot springs. There are 3 hot springs within 5 mins from YH. Akan, Daisetsu and Kushiro Swamps are accessible within 1 day. YH building is handmade log cabin where you can relax with an aroma of wood. Our meal is made with organic and natural ingredients.

              Obihiro Yachiyo Youth Hostel

              163 Kisen, Yachiyo-cho, Obihiro, Hokkaido, 080-2336

              The Yachiyo area has a view of big sky and large landscape spreading toward the mountain of Hidaka. It is the best location to enjoy river, mountain, ocean, and sky. Climbing, canoeing, and fishing in summer. And experience the best powder snow tour that we offer. The stars in Yachiyo is always the best throughout years. 3 hours from Tomakomai, Sapporo, or Chitose, 2 hours from Kushiro, Cape Erimo, and Furano, 3 hours from Biei, 4 hours from Masyu. Shiretoko is also accessible as a stopover point via east Hokkaido.

              Shakotan Youth Hostel

              297 Yobetsu-cho, Shakotan-cho, Hokkaido, 046-0322

                Syakotan Peninsula is full of nature with strange rocks on coast, high transparency ocean. Especially, sunrise and sunset from Cape Camui is worth watching. Because Syakotan is the leading port town in Hokkaido, our meal is full of fresh sea food such as local food “Hamanabe”, or sea urchin bowl.

                Muroran Youth Hostel

                3-12-2 Miyuki-cho, Muroran, Hokkaido, 050-0084

                  Muroran is a horse shoe shaped and has 14km of precipitous cliff. Especially the Cape Earth on top of 120m high cliff. Muroran YH locates nearby those hilly area. 4km course to Cape Earth and dolphin/whale watching are recommended. Muroran YH is designed by Yoshiya Tanoue who is the father of Hokkaido architecture.

                  Sapporo Kokusai Youth Hostel

                  6-5-35 Toyohira 6-jo, Toyohira, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 062-0906

                  Good location in the city, in front of Gakuenmae station on the Toho line, 6 mins from Sapporo station by underground. Around our hostel, there are lots of schools. 5mins from Odori park, The clock tower of Sapporo and downtown Susukino by underground. You can also visit main sightseeing spots easily. Moreover, you can go to Toyohirakawa, which is across Hokaido, Toyohira park and Nakazima park by foot. There is sport facilities called "Kitaeru" near YH, so YH is suitable for training camp. We have private rooms (extra charge). Please feel free to stay as family or group.

                  Makkari Youth Hostel

                  94-2 Midorioka, Makkari-mura, Hokkaido, 048-1615

                    We locate in the in the field of Mount Yotei. You can explore Mount Yotei from us or enjoy activities such as cycling, snowshoe trekking, or play in the field and you might find something important. After you enjoy the nature, you can relax in the hot spring. You can stay with us watching the full of stars at night.

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