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Shingu Hayatama Youth Hostel

1-1-9 Kamihon-machi, Shingu, Wakayama, 647-0003

    Our hostel locate next to Kumano-Hayadama shrine which is one of the three major shrines in Kumano-Kodou, World heritage site. There are lots highlights like Forest of Ukishima, Jofuku Park(Chinese style park), and Kamikura Shrine which has a impressing huge lock. Kumano river is flowing just nearby the hostel, make a boundary between Mie and Wakayama prefecture. Because of that, our hostel is surrounded by rich nature.

    Arida Orange Youth Hostel

    809 Suhara, Yuasa-cho, Wakayama, 643-0005

    You can enjoy sea bathing, fishing, marine sports, and orange picking around the hostel. You can enjoy walking around Japanese traditional architecture.

    Misaki Lodge Youth Hostel

    2864-1 Shionomisaki, Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama, 649-3502

      We have 60 thousand square meter glass field, and you can fell free to use it for running and walking etc.. You can enjoy sea view from the glass field, and can enjoy sunrise and sunset from October to April. 15 minutes to Kashinozaki Light House by car, 20 minutes to Hashigui Iwa, 30 minutes to Kaichu Park.

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