There are 4000 of sake brewery and a few offers tasting tours. And 100 of Kitakata Ramen shops many shops open from 7:30am where you can eat morning ramen. Aizuwakamatsu city has many sightseeing spots such as samurai residence or Tsuruga Castle. Bandai mountain offers us hiking or skiing in each season.


Walk 10 mins from Shiokawa Station, Banetsu West line. Or take bus from Aizuwakamatsu station to Kitakata and get off at Shiokawa Middle School.


Check-in 13:00-20:00 (for guests having dinner, checkin until 18:00)
Check-out 6:00 to 10:00
Close December 24th to Febrary 22nd, Temporary closure may occur
Capacity 14 beds
Breakfast 482 yen (tax included 520 yen)
Dinner 954 yen (tax included 1030 yen)

Standard rateWinter Rates
Domitory 2315 yen (tax included 2500 yen) 2593 yen (tax included 2800 yen)
2615 yen (tax included 2824 yen) 2893 yen (tax included 3124 yen)
Single room charge 2797 yen (tax included 3020 yen) 3075 yen (tax included 3320 yen)
3097 yen (tax included 3344 yen) 3375 yen (tax included 3644 yen)
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  • 0241-27-2054
  • Original Website
  • 36 Hataketa, Kofune, Aizu Shiokawa-machi Kitakata, Fukushima, 969-3532, JAPAN


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