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Chita hanto Youth Hostel

1-6 Onourafukushima, Mihama-cho, Aichi, 470-3236

    This Youth Hostel has a museum of a couple of Tylecek (\1,000/ an adult) and Caf?. Check-in time is form 5 pm to 10 pm and check-out time is 9am. You are not permitted to smoke inside of this building except the caf?. Seating capacity is small and temporary closure may take place many times in winter, so please make sure to check in advance.

    Asuke Satoyama Youth Hostel

    27-2 Saka,Tsubakidachi-cho, Toyota, Aichi, 444-2419

      Asuke town has Chu-ma street (Ida street) and there are still old rows of houses. There is the Koran ravine which is famous for the beauty of autumns leaves nearby and it has Asuke house and Asuke castle telling an old culture at its corner, so you can enjoy here throughout the year. This Youth Hostel was repaired from a school made of wood, so its outward appearance is school and interior is heartwarming because of a Japanese cedar. You can go to a tour of seeing a dogtooth violet in early spring, fireflies in early summer and autumn leaves in late autumn. You can also have equipment of a charcoal burner and works in mountains.

      Inuyama International Youth Hostel

      162-1 Himuro, Tsugao Inuyama, Aichi, 484-0091

        At Inuyama, you can enjoy Inuyama castle (national tresure), The Museum Meiji mura, Little world, Monkey park and so on. At Kiso river nearby, you can also enjoy rafting and Ukai experience (cormorant fishing). YH is located at quiet place, and good place for Sports, Music playing. And YH welcome individual traveller, family, group and so on.

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