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Kunisaki Hanto Kunimi Youth Hostel

3750 Imi, Kunimi-cho, Kunisaki, Oita, 872-1401

    Kunisaki Peninsula has many temples and stone buddha statues, for example, Fukiji Temple and Kumano Buddhist Sculptures and it is known as a village of buddha. However it might not be impressive journey if you go round by a tour bus. Why don't you visit temples on foot, hold your hands to wayside statues and enjoy talking with the people of the district? It is great to enjoy a view from the rocky hills. Kunihiro is a place where you can reconsider yourself while spending your time in luxury. We would like to help your journey and this Youth Hostel is good place to lodge together.

    Beppu Yukemuri Youth Hostel

    7 Kumi, Miyuki Beppu, Oita, 874-0045

    Beppu is one of the greatest hot spring in terms of yeild of hot spring water and number of hot spring wells in the world. This Youth Hostel is located in "Tetsu wa onsen" ,which is one of the hot spring districts that we call "Beppu Hachiyu". It's available from bus terminals and ports and you can enjoy walking around famous hotsprings , which is called "Jigoku Meguri(the hell tour)"on foot. This YH is surounded by more than 20 hot springs that has many varieties of its quality and you can relax and take a walk around the spa. It is suitable to heal from a long trip.

    Yufuin Country Road Youth Hostel

    441-29 Kawakami, Yufuin-cho, Yufu, Oita, 879-5102

    Yuhuin is near from Yuhudake(Hill) whose peak is 1,584m. Yuhuin is the third largest place which has a great amount of hot water. Also, it has many places to visit, for example, hot springs , art museums and caf?. Yuhuin Country Road Youth Hostel is located in the north of this city and its elevation is higher than any other places around here. You can enjoy the sky ful of lstars in the night. Hot water sourced from the hot spring flows in the footbath facility and its hot spring is available anytime. This hostel has many places that you have fun.

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