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Hirado Youth Hostel

1111-3 Okubomen, Tabira-cho, Hirado, Nagasaki, 859-4821

Our hostel is located Nakase Highlands which is ideal to sightseeing west Kyushu. You can overlook the panoramic views of the Sea of ??Genkai in Tabira-town which has the westernmost train station in Japan called Tabira-Hiradoguchi. There are camping facilities in the prairie, and also cross-country tournament is held in December every year. Natural apperance of insects can be observed at "Tabira insect natural garden". Please heal tired of the journey by taking open-air hot spring named "Sougen no yu".

Shimabara Youth Hostel

7938 Shimokawashiri-machi, Shimabara, Nagasaki, 855-0861

    Shimabara "City of the castle town of water". Castles and mossy is soaring by hidden history of Shimabaranoran, etc., there is a spring water throughout the town. Carp swim in the clear stream, this city is called a city of water. In addition, there could be by the volcano that erupted in 1991, also a newest mountain in Japan called Heisei-Shinzan. There is Unzen hot spring in the middle, is a land full of nature and history.

    Goto Miraku Sun Set Youth Hostel

    493 Hamanokuri, Miiraku-cho, Goto, Nagasaki, 853-0601

      This Youth Hostel is instructive facility and it's next to the Mitsuiraku City Park Which has a gymnasium, play ground, tennis courts and heated pool in Goto Islands of Fukue Islands. At Fukue Island, you can enjoy the Takahama beach which has cobalt green sea, Oosezaki lighthouse, old misterious church, fishing, stained glass, and ceramics. Best place to visit for solo trip, group trip or camp. We have ture experience campaign!

      Nagasaki Catholic Center Youth Hostel

      10-34 Ueno, Nagasaki, Nagasaki, 852-8113

      There is Uragamitensyudou; the Catholic Church outside of the window and you can hear the bell of Angelus when you wake up. Our brand new YH was open in Uragami, Nagasaki. There is Heiwa-park near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb around our hostel. Our staffs are knowledgeable for history and geography. We are planning some new events for you. 60 years have passed since the bombing in Nagasaki. We held the walking event named Saruku-haku. Welcome to Nagasaki!!

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