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Tsuruoka Youth Hostel 050-1510-8243 携帯:080-3149-8940
Higashine Barefoot Youth Hostel 0237-47-1057
Yamagata Nanokamachi Washington Hotel 023-625-1111

Tsuruoka Youth Hostel

1-1 Miyanomae, Sanze, Tsuruoka, Yamagata, 999-7463

    Surrounded by beautiful beechwood forests, our YH stands on a hill overlooking the sea. We organize nature experience/environmental education programs where you can participate in activities such as walking in the forest, canoeing, Ryuto Yuei (swimming in the ocean with glowing Sea Sparkle at night). You can also take a tour to a castle town Tsuruoka or Dewa Sanzan.

    Higashine Barefoot Youth Hostel

    1-3-39 Jinmachi-minami, Higashine, Yamagata, 999-3765

      Located in the center of Yamagata basin, an hour dirve from our YH takes you to Mount Gassan, Mount Asahi, or Mount Zao. Various kinds of hot springs at reasonable prices around the YH. Higashine City, acclaimed as "the kingdom of fruit", has a bountiful variety of fruits all through the seasons. A hidden spot for noodle lovers is another reccomedation from us hostel workers. The local school has the Japan's biggest zelkova tree in the schoolyard, which is also worth visiting. Easy access to a famous mountain temple Yamadera. We are a small hostel surrounded by lovely orchards. Come visit us.

      Yamagata Nanokamachi Washington Hotel

      1-4-31 Nanoka-machi Yamagata, Yamagata, 990-0042

        Located in Nanokamachi, the downtown of Yamagata prefecture. This is an urban type hotel also known as Youth Guest House. As we are in urban areas with good transportation, our hotel can be your base for traveling around Yamagata. There are many places you may want to visit: Yamagta Castle, Kyodo-Kan, Yamagata Prefectual Museum, Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum and so on. You can also take a trip to Yamadera temple or Mount Zao. At the end of the day, our big bathhouse will help you get rid of tiredness.

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