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Omihachiman Youth Hostel

610 Maruyama-cho, Omihachiman, Shiga, 523-0805

    We are using a building which is designated as tangible cultural properties. Also, we have local Omi Beaf in the menu.

    Omi Kibougaoka Youth Hostel

    978 Kitasakura, Yasu-cho, Yasu, Shiga, 520-2321

      We are preparing best enviroment for staying. Our hostel is located nearby Osu station. You can visit Kyoto 30 minutes by train.

      Youth Hostel Wanihama Seinen Kaikan

      403 Waniminamihama Otsu, Shiga, 520-0523

        You can enjoy Mountain Climbing, Hike and swimming in the summer, winter sports like a snow boarding in the winter. Please use our hostel as a base for traveling around the Biwa Lake.

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        Hostelling International (HI) has more than 4,000 great hostels in 85 countries worldwide. Located in some of the world's most inspiring locations, all our hostels meet assured standards, which guarantee a range of good quality safe accommodation, in friendly surroundings at affordable prices.

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