You can enjoy the stay in the Shodo Island at a reasonable price here, this Youth Hostel. We have dormitory style rooms and japanese style rooms for families. We would like you to stay here to enjoy some sports, music and training.


It is 60 minutes (express is 30min) by a ferry bound for Doatsu from Takamatsu Port or 70 minutes (express is 35min) by a fery from Okayama Port. It takes 25 minutes by bus bound for Sakate after getting off the ferry at Doatsu Port and please get off at Olieve YH Stop. 1 minute. Another way is 60 minutes by ferry bound for Kusakabe from Takamatsu port. Please get off at Kusakabe Port and it is 20 minutes' walk. There are other ferry from Hinae, Himeji, Osaka and Kobe. Please contact us if you want to know in detail.


Check-in 16:00 to 22:00 (guests who order dinner, check in until 18:00)
Check-out until 10 O'clock
Close December 3oth to January 3rd, Temporary closure may occer
Capacity 100 beds
Breakfast 600 yen (tax included 660 yen)
Dinner 1000 yen (tax included 1100 yen)
Special Dinner 2000 yen (tax included 2200 yen)

Standard rate
Domitory 3300 yen (tax included 3630 yen)
yen (tax included 4230 yen)
Dormitory for 3 to 5 people 3300 yen (tax included 3630 yen)
yen (tax included 4230 yen)
Japanese room for 4 to 7 people 3300 yen (tax included 3630 yen)
yen (tax included 4230 yen)
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  • 0879-82-6161
  • Original Website
  • 1072 Nishimura, Shodoshima-cho, Kagawa, 761-4434, JAPAN

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