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Tanigawadake Raspberry Youth Hostel

Why don't you relax in nature? This YH is small and calm. Overlooking Tanigawa-dake, and hearing the murmur of a streem. There are several hot springs near us. Please enjoy nature and hot spring. You can visit Oze from spring to automn. Our YH is really at-home and we are happy to give you hospitality. We welcome backpackers. We are planning a lot of events. You can enjoy the mountains in the summer, ski and hot springs in the winter. We look forward to meeting you.


30 mins walk from JR Minakami Station. Shuttle bus from JoumouKougen to Minakami station is available. Pick up seevice is also available in winter(need to contact).


Check-in 16:00-22:00 (for guests having dinner, checkin until 18:00)
Check-out 6:00 to 10:00
Close close for maintenance during out os season
Capacity 20 beds
Breakfast 741 yen (tax included 800 yen)
Dinner 1157 yen (tax included 1250 yen)

Standard rateHigh season
Domitory for 9 people 3334 yen (tax included 3600 yen) 3565 yen (tax included 3850 yen)
3982 yen (tax included 4300 yen) 4213 yen (tax included 4550 yen)
private room for up to 6 people 4352 yen (tax included 4700 yen) 4583 yen (tax included 4950 yen)
4352 yen (tax included 4700 yen) 4583 yen (tax included 4950 yen)
guest room for 5 people 4815 yen (tax included 5200 yen) 5046 yen (tax included 5450 yen)
4815 yen (tax included 5200 yen) 5046 yen (tax included 5450 yen)
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High season---November 20th to April 10th


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