Our YH is locating in the foot of Lake Masyu. The main destinations are Lake Masyu, Lake Kussyaro, or Lake Akan. If you go little way further, Shiretoko and Kushiro Swamp is accessible. You can join our tour if you have spare time. You are able to enjoy canoe, cycling, or trekking in spring summer, or autumn. And skiing or snow shoe tour in winter. Enjoy and get experience nature through your body not only watching all year activities such as dairy?farming.


10 mins by Bus to Bihoro or Kawayu and get off at YH mae. Car: Syari-Kawayu Onsen-YH 65 mins.


Check-in 15:00-21:00 (for the guests going to have the dinner service, please check in by 19:00)
Check-out ? 9:00
Close middle of October to early of June
Capacity 54 beds

Standard rate
Dormitory 3056 yen (tax included 3300 yen)
3612 yen (tax included 3900 yen)
single room 3889 yen (tax included 4200 yen)
4445 yen (tax included 4800 yen)
twin room 3612 yen (tax included 3900 yen)
4167 yen (tax included 4500 yen)
triple room 3334 yen (tax included 3600 yen)
3889 yen (tax included 4200 yen)
quad room room 3056 yen (tax included 3300 yen)
3612 yen (tax included 3900 yen)
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  • 015-482-3098
  • Original Website
  • 883 Genya, Teshikaga-cho, Hokkaido, 088-3222, JAPAN

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