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Kosha Sanroku Miyuki no mori Youth Hostel

JAPAN HOKUSHINETSU Kosha Sanroku Miyuki no mori Youth Hostel

Looking down the North Shinsyu area, there is a great scenery of traditional Japan. We are suitable as a base for many kinds of activities such as Shinsyu trail, touring, or snow sports. We have a classic caf? where you can relax and enjoy our special selected coffee. Stay with us and relax in the infinite field.


If you drive a car, it is 1.3 km drom Toyota Iyama IC of Joshinetsu Route. 1.2 km from the entrance of Kijimadaira Ski Area. Pleae get off at Iyama Station of Iyama JR Line . There is a transfer sevice at 4 p.m. every day (cantacts are required).

3783-12 Kami-Kijima, Kijimadaira-muraNagano

Phone / +81-(0)269-82-4551



Beds / 15

16:00 ~ 23:00

Check-out / 00:00 ~ 10:00

2 weeks on middle of April, and middle of December
No scheduled holidays

Private rooms for Family/Group Private room(s) Single room(s) Available in English Wi-Fi Credit card payment Morning shower Luggage storage Rental bicycle Ski area nearby Tennis / Athletics ground nearby Hot springs nearby Parking area for bicycles Parking area for cars Loundry machine No smoking
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rateOct. 1 - Apr. 30
single roomYH MemberJPY 5,000JPY 5,500
Room rate for 2-3 peopleYH MemberJPY 5,000JPY 5,500
Room rate for 4 peopleYH MemberJPY 5,000JPY 5,500
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
rateJPY 1,000JPY 2,000---
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