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Fukiagehama Youth Hostel

JAPAN kyushuokinawa Fukiagehama Youth Hostel


This Youth Hostel is located in the north area of the Fukiage sandhill which is one of the biggest sandhill in Japan. You can enjoy both beautiful sandhill and sky full of stars in the night. It is also interesting to see potteries of Satuma porcelain which is the special products of this prefecture. Also, there is a cycling road near this place.


Please get off Ijuin station on JR Kagoshima honsen line. Take Kagoshima Koutu bus, and get off Hioki yubinkyoku-mae please. 15min walk from bus station, or get off Miyama IC of Minami Kyushu highway, 10min from there by car.

901 Hioki, Hiyoshi-cho, HiokiKagoshima

Phone / +81-(0)99-292-3455

E-mail /


Beds / 12

Check-in / 16:00 ~ 22:00

Check-out / ~ 09:00

Temporary closure may occer
No scheduled holidays

Private room(s) Luggage storage Tennis / Athletics ground nearby Hot springs nearby Parking area for bicycles Parking area for cars
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rate
DomitoryYH MemberJPY 3,240
non-MemberJPY 3,888
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
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