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Kawane Nanamagari juku Youth Hostel

JAPAN TOKAI Kawane Nanamagari juku Youth Hostel


This Youth Hostel is located in the national natural park facing reaches of the Oi river which is one of a grade-one rivers whose origin is the Japanese South Alps. It is cold here because of the fog over the river and here is a production area of Kawane tea. You can feel a warm nostalgia because there is the Oi-gawa railway of SL, an old settlement and mountains where its whistle echoes. You can


Please transfer at Honkanaya Station of JR Tokaido Line and get off at Jina Station. It takes 15 minutes from there.

1053-1 Ishiburo Tsuzura Kawane-choShizuoka

Phone / +81-(0)547-53-2113

E-mail /



Beds / 14

15:00 ~ 20:00

Check-out / 07:00 ~ 10:00

closed for a while
No scheduled holidays

Private room(s) Single room(s) Available in English Luggage storage Rental bicycle Hot springs nearby Parking area for bicycles Parking area for cars Self kitchen Provide Local dishes(Reservation required) Loundry machine
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rateWinter RatesSummer rate
Domitoryx 3YH MemberJPY 3,450JPY 3,650JPY 3,600
non-MemberJPY 4,050JPY 4,250JPY 4,200
Guest roomx 1YH MemberJPY 5,000JPY 5,200JPY 5,150
non-MemberJPY 5,600JPY 5,800JPY 5,750
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
rateJPY 450JPY 1,000---
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