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Yatsugatake Pony Youth Hostel

JAPAN KANTO Yatsugatake Pony Youth Hostel


We locate in Yatsugatake Heights. It is pleasantly cool here and you can get a full view of Yatsugatake, The south alps and Mt Fuji. You can also get in touch with horses, sheeps and ponies and enjoy horse riding. There is a museum about picture books and workshop where you can make dry flowers near us. There is a hot spring as well. It is good place to drive, walk around and enjoy seasonal flower


Walk 25mins from Kobuchizawa station, JR Chuo line. Drive 5mins from Kobuchizawa interchange, Chuo expressway. Take a highway bus and get off at Kobuchizawa stop and walk 25mins.

3332-1911 Kamisasao, Kobuchisawa-cho, HokutoYamanashi

Phone / +81-(0)551-36-6401

E-mail /



Beds / 15

Check-in / 15:30 ~ 22:00

Check-out / 06:00 ~ 10:00

Temporary closure may occur
No scheduled holidays

Private room(s) Wi-Fi Morning shower Luggage storage Ski area nearby Hot springs nearby Parking area for bicycles Parking area for cars Loundry machine No smoking
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rateLow seasonHigh, Winter Rates
Domitoryx 3YH MemberJPY 3,600JPY 3,200JPY 4,000
non-MemberJPY 4,200JPY 3,800JPY 4,600
Japanese room for 3 to 5 peoplex 1YH MemberJPY 3,600JPY 3,200JPY 4,000
non-MemberJPY 4,200JPY 3,800JPY 4,600
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
rateJPY 700------
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