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Anna Beach Hahajima Youth Hostel

JAPAN KANTO Anna Beach Hahajima Youth Hostel

Haha Jima is also a part of Tokyo locating in Ogasawara Islands. There is a yellow YH in a great subtropical island. A lot of diving shops that takes you to untouched ocean and whale watching tours around YH or you might see whales from our YH. You can spend Haha Jima time with us surrounded by endemic species, mountain, or full of stars.


Take the Yamanote line to Hamamatsucho Station, then walk to Takeshiba port (approx.7 minutes) and take the boat to Ogasawarakauin that it takes 25 hours and 30 minutes (There is a boat that departs every 6 days and in Summer is 2 boats per week) Have to get off at Chichi Futami Port and transfer to other boat to get to Hahajima and walk 3 minutes to the hostel,

Shizusawa, Hahajima, Ogasawara-muraTokyo

Phone / +81-(0)4998-3-2468



Beds / 14

13:00 ~ 17:00

Check-out / 08:00 ~ 11:00

Temporary closure may occur
No scheduled holidays

Private room(s) Wi-Fi Credit card payment Morning shower Luggage storage Rental bicycle Tennis / Athletics ground nearby Parking area for cars Self kitchen Loundry machine No smoking
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rate
DomitoryYH MemberJPY 3,850
non-MemberJPY 4,450
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
rateJPY 750JPY 1,400---
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Ogasawara Youth Hostel
1000km away from Tokyo, and there are only 5 ships in a month which takes 25hours. The great nature still exists because only a few people visit. Many activities available such as scuba, swim with dolphin, whale watching, skin dive, cruising, trekking or observatories. You have a lot to do to miss a ship. Homemade noddle or special meal(sushi) at the day before you leave.