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Hida Furukawa Youth Hostel

JAPAN TOKAI Hida Furukawa Youth Hostel

We opened our Youth Hostel for more people to know Hida-Furukawa River which is a castle town with carp and beauty of nature in Hida. In winter, temperature is about minus 10 degree, but inside of our YH has underfloor heating for you to walk on bare foot. You can take the popular lesson of telemark ski. We have tools for rental, so please contact us and come to our website if you are interested.


Please get off at Hida Hosoe Station of JR Takayama Line and walk toward Shinrin park for 15 minutes. There is a transport service after sunset (contacts are required). 30 minutes from Kiyomi interchenge of Tokai Hokuriku route.

180 Nobuka, Furukawa-machi, HidaGifu

Phone / +81-(0)577-75-2979



Beds / 22

16:00 ~ 21:00

Check-out / 06:00 ~ 10:00

From March 30th to April 10th. Is closed. And other certain times too.
No scheduled holidays

Private rooms for Family/Group Private room(s) Ski area nearby Tennis / Athletics ground nearby Hot springs nearby Parking area for cars Loundry machine
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rate
Domitoryx 2YH MemberJPY 3,900
non-MemberJPY 4,500
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
rateJPY 600JPY 1,000---
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