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Utano Youth Hostel

JAPAN KINKI Utano Youth Hostel


We are the YH which guests can enjoy international exchange with people from all over the world. Local event called "everyday one" is held at 8PM every night.


Take city bus No.26 from Kyoto station, or Taxi from JR Hanazono station on Sanin line.

29 Uzumasanakayama-cho, Ukyo-ku, KyotoKyoto

Phone / +81-(0)75-462-2288

E-mail /



Beds / 170

15:00 ~ 23:00

06:30 ~ 10:00

Job offer

Now Hiring Part Time Staff

Private rooms for Family/Group Private room(s) Single room(s) Available in English Wi-Fi Credit card payment Morning shower Luggage storage Rental bicycle Tennis / Athletics ground nearby Hot springs nearby Meeting room(s) Parking area for bicycles Parking area for cars Self kitchen Provide Local dishes(Reservation required) Loundry machine No smoking
Prices (incl. TAX)
Standard rate
Triple room, Japanese room for 6 people,x 37YH MemberJPY 3,450
non-MemberJPY 3,450
private twin roomx 4YH Member---
Breakfast Dinner Special Dinner
rateJPY 800JPY 1,250JPY 2,550
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