Lake Shikotsu is surrounded by primitive forest where true mystery and nature alive. The great nature is around the 42km circumference, 360m deep, and 30m transparent lake which mirrors 1000m level mountains. There is slow and relaxed time you can come and take a deep breath. This is a nature theme park where you can enjoy diving, snow shoe trekking. Red triangle roof was refurbished in October 2007. Lake Shikotsu YH is designed by Yoshiya Tanoue who is the father of Hokkaido architecture.


take bus from JR Chitose, JR Minami-Chitose station or Chitose Airport. 3 mins walk from "Shikotsukohan" bus stop. 90 min bus from Sapporo station(mid June to mid October). Car: Chitose-Chitotsuko route 16(30mins), Sapporo-ShikotsukoR453(70 mins).


Check-in 15:00-22:00 (for guests having dinner, checkin until 19:00)
Check-out 6:00 to 10:00
Close once or twice in a month
Capacity 108 beds
Breakfast 695 yen (tax included 750 yen)
Dinner 1204 yen (tax included 1300 yen)

Standard rateLow season
Domitory for 8 people 2871 yen (tax included 3100 yen) 3056 yen (tax included 3300 yen)
3426 yen (tax included 3700 yen) 3612 yen (tax included 3900 yen)
Domitory for 4 people 2871 yen (tax included 3100 yen) 3056 yen (tax included 3300 yen)
3426 yen (tax included 3700 yen) 3612 yen (tax included 3900 yen)
Japanese room for 3 people 3797 yen (tax included 4100 yen) 3982 yen (tax included 4300 yen)
4352 yen (tax included 4700 yen) 4537 yen (tax included 4900 yen)
[ Member price / non Member price]

Others---bath tax 150 yen

Low season---October to April

  • 0123-25-2311
  • Original Website
  • Shikotsuko-onsen, Chitose, Hokkaido, 066-0281, JAPAN

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